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Neurotic Search for Glory

Pride drives the search for glory.

In Neurosis and Human Growth Karen Horney referred to the comprehensive drive to actualize the ideal self as the neurotic search for glory (Feist, pg. 254).

"All of the drives for glory have in common the reaching out for greater knowledge, wisdom, virtue, or powers than are given to human beings; they all aim at the absolute, the unlimited, the infinite" (Horney, pg. 34).

"In addition to self-idealization, the neurotic search for glory includes three other elements: the need for perfection, neurotic ambition, and the drive toward a vindictive triumph" (Feist, pg. 254).

"The need for perfection refers to the drive to mold the whole personality into the idealized self. Neurotics are not content to merely make a few alterations; nothing short of complete perfection is acceptable. They try to achieve perfection by erecting a complex set of "shoulds" and "should nots." Horney (1950) referred to this as the tyranny of the should" (ibid).

"A second key element in the neurotic search for glory is neurotic ambition, that is, the compulsive drive toward superiority" (ibid).

"The third aspect of the neurotic search for glory is the drive toward a vindictive triumph . . . the drive for a vindictive triumph grows out of the childhood desire to take revenge for real or imagined humiliations" (pp. 254-55).

Relation of Anxiety and Pride - Horney's "search for glory" is analogous to Niebuhr's "will-to-power."

Karen Horney: Intrapsychic Strategies of Defense

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