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Barack Obama's Enneagram Type: The Peacemaker (9w1)

My apologies to Don Riso (1987, pp. 256-57) for turning his "Supportive Peacemaker" on its head.


In the Enneagram typing system, Barack Obama best fits the Nine with a One wing personality type.

Nines have a compulsive need to avoid tension and have peace. As a result, they unconsciously see themselves as consummate peacemakers.

The idealized self-image of Type Nine contains the images of peacemaker and mediator. Nines see themselves as peacemakers mediating disputes and conflicts between others, and reconciling people to each other. It is this image of the perfect peacemaker and mediator that propels the Nine's neurotic solution.

In the role of perfect mediator, the Nine's idealized self takes pride in taking the complaints of others seriously, in understanding real differences between people, and in understanding why others are upset and concerned. The Nine also takes pride in being able to see areas of common ground and working toward achieving reconciliation, and in believing that reconciliation can only be gained by cooperation. 

Nines take pride in their healing touch, their ability to forgive and forget, their good-naturedness, and their likability. They also take pride in the support they give to others so that the others can thrive. They see themselves as bestowers of unstinting love and generosity to those significant to them.

Nines take pride in their candor, their uncommon common sense, their extraordinary simplicity and guilelessness. They see themselves as having no ulterior motives, no pretensions, no large egos to protect or inflate, no concern for status or prestige, no desire to impress or condemn others. Hence, they believe that they speak with the honesty of a child and the wisdom of an adult.

Nines see themselves as easygoing and have taboos against being competitive and calling attention to themselves. They take pride in their ability to bring out the best in others by creating nurturing environments. For them, that is why they are successful. But, as the Nine sees it, though they have contributed so much to everyone's welfare, because they eschew competition and calling attention to themselves, others underestimate their contributions and take them for granted.

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Don Riso and Russ Hudson (1996). Personality Types: Using the Enneagram for Self-Discovery. New York: Houghton Mifflin.

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