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Mercurial personality type (continued)

Erica Jong


Movie Actresses


Star: David Cassidy


Movie Director

Co-founder of Apple Computer


Amy Fisher

  • AIMEE: The Official Amy Fisher Organization

    "The first and best Amy Fisher, "Long Island Lolita" site in the internet. Up-dated frequently, with exclusive information from her attorneys, transcripts of court appearances, a huge news archive, a biography a summary of her 1992 case, a chat room, a message board...."

Reel People: Cinema's Psychological Personalities

Help find Sabrina Fair Allen

Sabrina Allen is missing has pointers to four of my personality disorder pages. From the photos of Sabrina's mother, who is the abductor, I am quite certain that her personality type is the borderline.

Dara Marie Llorens

Update 6/18/2003: Father, missing daughter still not reunited - KVUE News [registration required].

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