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Leisurely personality type (continued)

Gordon Allport

  • Narrative Psychology: Gordon W. Allport
  • Gordon Allport - C. George Boeree.

  • buying info: The Individual and His Religion : A Psychological Interpretation

    Some years ago Gordon Allport, a Harvard psychologist did an monumental study on the nature of religious behavior and its relationship to bigotry and prejudice. He found that a majority of churchgoers--of whatever religion--were what he came to describe as extrinsically religious. The extrinsically religious person uses religion. Going to church for extrinsically religious people is useful to boost one's status, to bolster self-confidence, and to win friends, gain power, and have influence. Allport found that these people use their religious belief as a defense against reality. Most often, they use it as a super-sanctioning of their own formula for living. This kind of religious faith assures people that God sees things their way, that their righteousness is God's righteousness. According to Allport, the extrinsically religious person turns to God but does not turn away from self. Thus religion is primarily a shield for self-centeredness, serving the person's deep need for security, status, and esteem (Kittlaus).

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Psychiatric Case

Case Study

  • Case Study "Sister Ruth"

    Sister Ruth should have her photo in the dictionary next to the word "procrastinator". Throughout her career she has constantly resisted all demands for adequate performance. She always has an excuse for the delays she inflicts on those around her, often attributing blame to authority figures or to those with whom she interacts.



  • Living With the Passive-Aggressive Man : Coping With Hidden Aggression-From the Bedroom to the Boardroom by Scott Wetzler, Ph.D.

    A passive-aggressive man is good at creating an illusion of steadfastness, a quality that's especially appealing to many women. This guy may be emotionally elusive, but he'll have you believng he's the salt of the earth, the pillar of security in your life (I'll be home tonight. Call me if you need anything. If I'm out, it's just for half an hour, so try again..."). Whatever else his faults may be and no matter how difficult he is to deal with, a passive-aggressive man is there. It's his most admirable, and most diabolical, quality. His rootedness is both reassuring, and a curse, to women who get involved with him (pg. 58).
  • Bach, George R. and Deutsch, Ronald M. (1979). Stop! You're Driving Me Crazy. New York: Berkley Books.

Real life story

  • Meet Bill: The customers drove him NUTS! - Ansir-in-action.

    Bill couldn't deal with certain, rude customers, and handling complaints was a headache that dominated his life. "People didn't obey posted orders or rules," he said, "like the refund policy. People wanted refunds for used merchandise. They even wanted refunds for goods that didn't come from my store. They were demanding and they knew they were lying." The constant stress got to Bill. He was miserable, and, worse, he felt trapped.






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