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Idealist Topics

Many of these additional topics originated in ideas expressed by David Keirsey in Please Understand Me.

achieving a goal, actors, actresses, actualizing potential, Apollo, attitudes, awareness, bearer of truth, becoming a person, becoming oneself, biographers, brings out the best in others, clinical psychology, communicating with people, communications media, counseling psychology, creative efforts, cultivating human potential, dedicated to helping others, desire for self-actualization, devoted to a cause, divinity, dramatists, encounter groups, gestalt group, greater intensity in relationships, guilt, having a goal, having a purpose, healer of the body, healer of the mind, humanities, hunger for unity, ideals, identity, incorruptible, inspiration, inspirational, inspire, integrity, intellectual dilettante, interaction, interpretive arts, intimacy, issues and causes, Thomas Jefferson, journalists, kindness, life of significance, literature, loving human beings, making a difference, meaning, midwifing, ministry, missionary work, movements, need for uniqueness, non-commercial, non-profit, novelists, passion for social justice, Peace Corps, people, perfect film, perfect novel, perfect play, perfect relationship, perfect whole, perfect work of art, perfectly unique, persuasion, playwrights, poets, possibilities in people, postmodernism, potential good, primal scream therapy, prophecy, psychiatry, purity of spirit, reformers, relationships, religion, religion of the 60's, renaissance man, romanticism, search for self, seeking intimacy, self, self-actualization, self-realization, self-reflection, sense of mission, sensitivity groups, sensitivity training, social sciences, speaking fluently, spokesman for the gods, T-groups, teaching, teaching field, television writers, therapeutic music, therapeutic song, Transcendental Meditation, transmtting ideas, unique identity, universal man, verbal communication, vision of perfection, warmer person, what ought to be, words, writers, writing fluently, written communication.

Idealist - Areas of interest

Keirsey, David, and Marilyn Bates (1984). Please understand me: character and temperament types. 4th ed. Del Mar, CA: Prometheus Nemesis [distributer].

Idealist Rationalist Traditionalist Hedonist

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