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Hypomanic Personality Disorder

The Hypomanic Personality results from desiring, needing, and delighting in pleasure; and from fearing, and being distressed by, pain.


  1. Cheerful and exuberant
  2. Articulate and jocular
  3. Overoptimistic and carefree
  4. Overconfident, self-assured, boastful, and grandiose
  5. Extroverted and people seeking
  6. High energy level, full of plans and improvident activities
  7. Versatile, with broad interests
  8. Overinvolved and meddlesome
  9. Uninhibited and stimulus seeking
  10. Habitual short sleeper (less than 6 hours a night)

The Hypomanic temperament is adapted from: Akiskal, Hagop S. (1995). Table 16.6-1, "Attibutes of Depressive and Hyperthymic Temperaments," Mood Disorders: Clinical Features. Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry/VI, Vol. 1. Eds. Harold I. Kaplan and Benjamin J. Sadock. Baltimore: Williams & Wilkins, pg. 1125.

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