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Happiness is In Our Power


Happiness is found exclusively in moral good, or virtue.

Marcus Aurelius, in his Meditations, or Communings with Himself, reminds himself that:

"All the happiness you are seeking by such long, roundabout ways: you can have it all right now....I mean, if you leave all of the past behind you, if you abandon the future to providence, and if you arrange the present in accordance with piety and justice" (XII, 1, 1-2; trans. Hadot, pg. 134).

Note Well: "It should be pointed out here that, for Marcus, "piety" represents that discipline of desire which makes us consent "piously" to the divine will, as the latter is made manifest in events. Likewise, "justice" corresponds to the discipline of action, which makes us act in the service of the human community" (Hadot, pg. 134).

Making Proper Use of Impressions

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