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From:Samantha Chauncey
Date:Jan 27, 2006 12:02 PM

Hi. I am a high school Biology teacher and want to share this with my students to help them better understand who they are, as people and as learners. Is there a student version with less elevated terminology? I want my students to be able to complete these quizzes on-line outside of class, but most of them don't know the meaning many of the descriptive words. Thanks!

S. Chauncey
BS Biology, MAED Sceince Ed; NBCT
SCHS Science Department

+++ Hi Samantha. I think I know what you mean. In some of the questions I've just imported the jargon of my sources. I did put the test together in a slapdash manner, all art and no science. But part of my intention was something of a spoof of the supposed scientific validity and usefulness of these "four type" systems. My test might not suit your purposes. I do prefer that test takers, especially students, go away with some doubts about its validity.

From:Dave Kelly
Date:Mon, 1 Apr 2002

+++I just ran across a March, 8, 2002 usenet post in which someone has detected an error in the javascript for question #12:

12. My world view is


if (theForm.Q12[0].checked) { t++ };
if (theForm.Q12[1].checked) { i++ };
if (theForm.Q12[2].checked) { h++ };
if (theForm.Q12[3].checked) { r++ };

+++I've corrected it.

Date:Wed, 3 Oct 2001

I got no results after two attempts. Am I not worthy of an evaluation? I thought so. I knew I was worthless!

+++Whoa! This test is not worth your trouble. You'd be better off just guessing your type.

Date:Mon, 1 Oct 2001

Did test twic and submitted but no results! Very disappointing

Date:Sat, 29 Sep 2001

Consider adding a fine grained rating system for each answer: degrees to which the answer applies, e.g.: 0-9 (only barely - fundamentally).

+++That's possible. Thanks.

From:Henry Clark
Date:Wed, 19 Sep 2001

The problem that I encountered was with some of the vernacular used in the test.
A thorough familiarity with the terminology seems essential to insure the accuracy of the outcome although within the test itself, there is no explanation of terms which may be confusing to the neophyte. For Instance, I felt that many of the questions needed clarification, ie: #6 What is an 'Expander'?? #10 What is the difference between 'Connecting' and 'Opening'?? #15 Requires a masters degree in [...]! Also worthy of note is the fact that I took the test twice in the same day and came out with two different results (one had me pegged as a Hedonist, the other, an Idealist). Perhaps there is too much room for interpretation in the questions (or in the terminolgy itself?). P.S. My wife and I love your websight! We find it edifying and quite thorough in its scope. I think you are moving in the right direction in your attempt to synthesize these differing (but similar) theories. Keep up the good work!

+++Thanks for your criticism and support.

Date:Sat, 15 Sep 2001

Date:Mon, 10 Sep 2001

doesnt work in opera (5.12)

Generates new window winth nothing in

+++Thanks Graham.

From:Christopher A. Davis
Date:Thur, 6 Sep 2001

I beleive that this test would be more accurate and benifital, if there wasn't words used that some readers like myself could have trouble with.

From:G. Herald
Date:Thur, 6 Sep 2001

From:Louisa Coughlan
Date:Thur, 6 Sep 2001

Curious. I have never been accused of being rational.

Date:Mon, 20 Aug 2001

I just went over the comments. I also did the test twice, then got "illegal function" and no answer. Given that all the comments for at least the past month are that users aren't getting results, the problem MUST be at your side. Logic dictates the likelihood of so many users having the same problem sequentially, especially if they aren't having it on other sites, is abaout zero unless the source occurs at your end. Good luck! It's great fun.

+++Thanks. I'm sorry that you're not getting results, and that it's going to be a while before I can work on it.

Date:Mon, 20 Aug 2001

your PTypes script keeps getting error messages once the test is submitted

Date:Wed, 15 Aug 2001

I did this twice and neither time did it give me a score. How cum' ?

+++I don't know.

From:Adriana Azabarreta
Date:Tue, 14 Aug 2001

This test was interesting to me. Unfortunately, I did not get the results. When I submitted the test, I was presented with a new blank page for of the test I had just submitted. I am very curious about the results, alas I may never get them.

From:Lynda Rill
Date:Mon, 6 Aug 2001

I have conscientiously answered the questions 2x and each time after I clicked on submit---the page returned to the blank questionnaire. I am NOT happy

+++Me, neither.

Date:Fri, 3 Aug 2001

I was looking forward to seeing the outcome of my answers...but it wouldn't give me the results! Is there a problem on your end?

Thanks for your help.

+++I have no doubt that the problem is on my end. I just don't know when I can get it fixed. Sorry. || Ich bin ein Hedonist...
Date:Tue, 31 Jul 2001

Not only is your Javascript broken on Netscape 4, but it's completely unnecessary.  This sort of thing should be done server-side.

From:Christina Marable
Date:Mon, 30 Jul 2001

i don't have one.  i'd just like to know how i could improve as a person

Date:Sun, 29 Jul 2001

I'm sure the javascript is fine - but online personality tests are always disappointing I find - the questions tend to be framed in a simplistic way and the algorithm for determining what "personality" one is must, necessarily, be a reductive approach. Existentially it seems we all want to know who we are.... Well at least it was good fun nonetheless.

+++Thanks Luke. That's about how I see it, too.

From:Sharon Walter
Date:Sun, 29 Jul 2001

Date:Sun, 15 Jul 2001

how do I get the results of the test?

+++You should get a pop-up window with scores for each temperament. If you have JavaScript enabled and don't get that when you hit the submit button, then I'd say that my javascript is not working in your browser. Please e-mail me at

Date:Thur, 12 Jul 2001

Question 15 misrepresents the 4 Jungian functions. They are Thinking, Feeling, Sensing, and iNtuition. "Judging" is a larger term that embraces Thinking and Feeling, and "Perceiving" embraces Sensing and iNtuition.

Thanks for the correction, William. My revised question is not very pretty, but at least it doesn't misrepresent Jung (though it probably has little to do with his thinking).

Date:Sun, 1 Jul 2001

  Your test didn't work.  I tried it twice and it gave me no answer, just a blank page

+++I'm sorry, Janine. Do you have JavaScript enabled in your browser?

From:Dawn Smith
Date:Fri, 29 Jun 2001

Thanks for this web page.
at first, i thought the test was wrong, branding me as "an idealist".--comparable to the melancholic personality. I believe underneath it all, I am a sanguine, but chronic illness makes me meloncholic. However, i just got one of the most excellent pieces of advise in the paper on "perfectionism". It really -hope this isn't too christian for you- ministered to my heart, in a time I really needed to here it. You might be interested to note there is a physical way of determining personality types I found it in a book on color theory--and it is with eye/iris patterns. I have found no matter what people answer on these kinds of tests, their eye patterns are 100% correct for example there are a lot of sanguines out there, trying to be cholerics, because of our goal-oriented society. I have checked this with my uncle, an iridologist, and he confirms the medical situations that change the iris patterns, are congruent with the 4 personality types. The paper on perfectionism was excellent. I believe underneath it all I'm still a sanguine--and this paper confirmed virtually all gifted children have this tendency for good reasons doesn't necessarily indicate a personality type, but a behavior/expectation to be managed.
Some things that MIGHT help identify folks more accurately with your test, would be
-stating options to an exaggerated degree
("I wouldn't mind people thinking..."is a non issue. I don't mind a lot of things- )
-stating exaggerrated emotion
(I absolutely LOVE, or I HATE it when

Thanks- I wish you lots of luck + thanks for the perfectionism paper its another tool toward enjoying my life.
Dawn Smith

+++Hi Dawn. The personality trait of perfectionism with a sanguine temperament sounds like a good combination to me. And that's good advice on the test questions. I'm going to follow it. Thanks.


Date:Sun, 17 Jun 2001

I had a professional MBTI in 1990 and tested ISTJ.My Ennea type is 3w4.My Oldham personality styles are:serious, inventive,leisurely and sensitive.I tried to answer the questions honestly. Of course I could recognize the various sources Kiersey,Oldham,Enneagram etc.I tested NT-RATIONAL,which is wrong.I'm a SJ-TRADITIONALIST.I worked with a whole office full of them for ATT....

+++Thanks for your response, Rich. Just from scanning most of the test results so far, and seeing how inconsistent the answers are, I'm sure that many others have had the same experience. I'm afraid that, at least at this point, the test is very poor and not of much value.


Date:Thur, 14 Jun 2001

I'm a little confused whether the line "I might be too concerned with:" relates only to the following question, or the entire second half of the test.

+++Yeah, that is confusing; I'm taking it out. Thanks Jeremiah.


Date:Tue, 12 Jun 2001

You might want to clear up what you are looking for with these questions: specifically, "I am most concerned with" and after... I am most concerned with "orderly"? Being orderly, I assume  but then, I am most concerned with "rigid?" or "aloof" or "restless?" It belongs in the first section, I'd say. Needs clean up or more of the straight-forward from the first section.

+++Thanks D. I'll do that.


Date:Fri, 8 Jun 2001


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