PTypes - Personality Types
PTypes A Correspondence of Psychiatric, Keirsey, and Enneagram Typologies Noteworthy Examples


Sun in Aries: pioneering spirit, courage, impulsiveness, strength, aggression, competition, impatience, selfishness.

Sun in Taurus: patience, perseverence, loyalty, nurturing instinct, stamina, sensuality, conservatism, rigidity, materialism, greed.

Sun in Gemini: intelligence, curiosity, writing ability, versatility, changeability, restlessness, diffusion, nervousness, amorality, superficiality.

Sun in Cancer: sensitivity, maternal instinct, empathy, psychic ability, love of home, shyness, indirectness, tenacity, moodiness, possessiveness, defensiveness.

Sun in Leo: creativity, dramatic sense, love of pleasure, dignity, generosity, romanticism, childlike quality, egotism, pride.

Sun in Virgo: craftsmanship, service, humility, love of detail, interest in health and diet, perfectionism, fastidiousness, skepticism, criticism, worry.

Sun in Libra: fairness, unselfishness, aesthetic sense, pacifism, interest in law, need for partner, indecisiveness, weak identity.

Sun in Scorpio: resourcefulness, penetrating insight, strength in crisis, healing ability, psychic power, charisma, strong sexuality, interest in occult, secretiveness, jealousy.

Sun in Sagittarius: independence, optimism, love of sports, travel and the outdoors, sense of humor, talkativeness, theoretical mind, self-righteousness.

Sun in Capricorn: responsibility, ambition, thoroughness, seriousness, forethought, executive ability, caution, anxiety.

Sun in Aquarius: group consciousness, idealism, inventiveness, unpredictability, detachment, dogmatism.

Sun in Pisces: impressionability, compassion, sensitivity, artistic gifts, mysticism, meditation, spirituality, mediumship, escapism, dependency, masochism.

Source: Brau, Jean Louis, Helen Weaver, and Allan Edmands. Larousse Encyclopedia of Astrology. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1980.

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